Monday, July 11, 2011

The Life Of Blessing

This paper is going to be about the beatitudes and how they are a blessing to us how I am working on these to do better and how I have done on these things. I will also include in this paper my opinion on the beatitudes, what I have in my notes, and one other person’s opinion.
The first beatitude is blessed are the poor in spirit. How I would do this is to become completely empty to my self to give all to God. In doing this we will receive the kingdom of heaven. I have been working on giving all to God and I am struggling a little because there is so much I have to give to him. To change this I am starting to spend more time in his word and am trying to surrender all to him. This will help me with my leadership by teaching me to put others before my self and by helping me learn to give instead of always wanting.
The second beatitude is blessed are those who morn. This to me means that there are going to be times that we mourn and in those times we can mourn and there are also going to be times that we should not mourn and in those times I believe we are not to mourn. The reward of this is that we will be comforted. This one is a little difficult for me to say where I am at and what I am doing to work on it. So what I will do is tell about some of the times where I have mourned in the past. When I was about eleven one of my sisters died from cancer and that was a really hard time for me because I was really close to her but I think I held on to the mourning to long because I felt like I should have been there but I felt that it was a good time to mourn. The other thing was when my brother died from several different things. That was the hardest thing for me because I was really close to him but that I got over a lot faster because there were several people who comforted me when I was mourning. This will help my leader ship skills by giving me the ability to help (comfort) others when they are mourning.
The third beatitude is blessed are the meek. I think this is to surrender, to give, and/or to offer something to someone. The reward of this act is that they get to see God. I am not doing too well on this so on a scale of one to ten I would put myself at a  four. The things I am doing to work on this are by sharing things with others and by giving small things to start and then moving to the bigger things of life. My plan to change is to start by praying to God to ask for help because it is too difficult for me to do on my own. This will help me with my leadership by giving me the chance to give to others and by helping them see how they should treat others.
The fourth beatitude is blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. This is wanting for and/or longing for righteousness. The reward of this if that they will be filled. I have not longed for this very long but in the short time I have longed for it I have been filled and I hope to start doing this more often. The way I am going to work on this is by spending more time in the word of God and by praying for God to give me more opportunities to want righteousness. This will help me buy making me a more enjoyable to be around.

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