Sunday, January 2, 2011

Top Five Material In Our World Ranked By Amount

Top Five Material In Our World Ranked By Amount
estimated in 2011A.D.

1. Paper: including napkins,bank note,money paper,books,newspaper,card,and all other type of paper. Counted by pieces,for example,if a book has 120pages then 120 is added to amount of paper in this world.

2.Plate,Dishes,Spoon,Knife,Bowl,Cup,Cans,Bottle,Fork: including plastic spoon,food tray,paper plate,plastic cup,and all kind of thing that we use to eat food or put food in.

3.Clothes,Dress,Shoes,Hat: this included blanket,shirt,skirt,cap,jeans,socks,and all types of thing that is clothes or things that we wear.

4.Pencil,Pen,Eraser,Marker,Writing Utility: this does not include paper,but include everything else that is about writing or used to write.

5.Coins: included money coins,silver coins,plastic coins, or any thing that is coin.

***this list does not included food,plant,animal,untouchable things,chemical element,chemical compounds,things that can not be seen,water,all other uncountable things,etc.

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