Monday, February 11, 2013

Get Money When You Search With BING

Get Money When You Search With BING

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I bought the text book: 
International Politics (11th Edition) by Robert J. Art and Robert Jervis
from textbooksnow-
on January 11th, 2013
They said the package will arrive between 20th Jan - 4th Feb.
Now it is Feb 12th and I haven't received my item yet
The tracking number they give me don't even work, when trying to track the package it will said invalid number, and when you try contacting them they will never reply you back.
I sent them hundreds of email but no reply.

If you file a claim through Amazon it won't help because they will tell Amazon that they already sent it and they will accuse you of lying, then you will lose your money like me.

I just realized that they sell all kind of textbook but it all just a scam, I was complaining to my classmate and friends about this but they told me their stories too, one of my friends bought a book from textbooksnow- and the book she get was in another edition instead of the one listed, my other friends got a publisher review edition book with no index and the back cover, and they never told him about it when he file a claim they just said it is "used condition" and that how "used condition" is. WHAT THEY TELL YOU IS NOT TRUE-they are scammer, all their book description is fake.

DON'T EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM, i know they will have other name and alias but i will try to do more research about them and find out more info.
If you don't believe me then just try for yourself and you will know!!!!!!

Stronghold Crusader Extreme PC Cheats

When you first open the main menu press SHIFT and ALT and A at the same time.
The while you are playing the game press these

press ALT and X at the same time TO get 1000 money

press ALT and C at the same time TO unlocks all of the missions

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