Saturday, September 12, 2009

Problems with PTC

I am a mem at, a paid to click web site or PTC web site.(Paid-to-click web site is a web site that paid you to view there advertisement you usually get about 0.01$ for viewing an advertise for 30 second)I usually login and siurf ads at every day,But today I cant go in to tuibux web site and when I open I found out that they have changed the web site.And is mot a PTC site any more.I think they have changed to a web site about links and other stuff. I use to experince this problem with some PTC site.And they are scam.Once I was a member at a Paid-to-click site called I have about 40$ in my account then one they when I go in to it has changed and the site was not about Paid-to click Program any more because the change it to a web site about casino And I lost all my money.And I have the same problem with other PTC site too.Because there are many PTC site that scam you and they usually change there web site to something else after many people have earned enough money to cash out from there site.But I never think this will happen with because it is one of the best PTC site.And I really fell sorry for tuibux that it has turn in to scam.I have 14$ in my account and I lost it all.
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