Friday, September 27, 2013

COMING SOON: Pearson LearningStudio Reminder/Notifier iPhone App

I am making and iPhone App that will interact with Pearson LearningStudio to send push notification, reminders.

Push notification reminding that the homework will due soon.

Customize app setting: change sounds, alert type,etc.

COMING SOON: Pearson LearningStudio Reminder/Notifier iPhone App

This is an iPhone App, the main purpose of this App is to send push notification and remind student about the deadline for submitting assignment, exam date, when instructor send announcement, or when student received new message. Moreover, this apps will also notify the student as soon as they received their grades for assignments or exam.
This App will help student to never miss an assignment or turn anything in late. This Apps will come with many customizable setting such as student can choose how many time they will be notify before the deadline according to their priority. They could choose from 1 to 5 notification if they choose 1 they will be notify 12 hours before the deadline. If they choose 5 then the first notification will be sent one week before the deadline.
Another important feature of this apps is the ability to notify student when the deadline date have been changes.
One more thing, if you already turn in the assignment then the notification of that assignment will be disable, so it won't bother you.
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