Saturday, January 26, 2013

PAPA JOHNS giving away free large pizza END FEB 2, 2013

PAPA JOHNS giving away free large pizza END FEB 2, 2013
Papa Johns is doing a super bowl coin toss, you have to choose if the head or tail and just wait to watch the super bowl coin toss Feb 3rd, 2013. And if you guess right, Papa John will send you a code to your email and then you can use that code to order online and get free pizza.
Here is the link to enter the coin toss:

Friday, January 25, 2013

LexTran Bus

This is picture of the LexTran bus parking at Greg Page Student Housing, University of Kentucky.

Government Auctions

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cincinnati view from Devou Park

This is the view of downtown Cincinnati from Devou Park.
You can see this view by going to Dress Pavillion at Devou Park.
This is the best view to see downtown Cincinnati.


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Asburry University SOCCER FIELD

Asburry University SOCCER FIELD
I took this picture while visiting Asburry University in December 2012


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Monday, January 21, 2013

BEST GPT SITE OF 2013 highest paying rate

Cash Crate

The good thing about this GPT website is that it give you $5 when you sign up, but the only bad thing is that the minimum payout is $20. But this website have very high payout rate for every offer if you compare with other GPT website.

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

This gpt site is one of the highest paying. Check out their Super Reward and Sonic ads offer wall they are have the highest rate compare to these wall on other GPT site. Their Manatomy also payout very high
By the way, if you don't know what GPT sites is then just go check it out. Briefly, it is site you get paid to download stuff, or sign up at websites, or buy stuff.
BankRollBucks paid by paypal, and amazon gift card.
Minimum cashout treshold is $1 and they paid instantly
Important, at first when you look at the rate for an offer you might see that it is only half of the rate that other GPT site such as RewardingWays or pay you, but the important thing to note is that at BankRollBucks most of the time they have promotion such as earn $1 and get $2, or earn 50 cents and get 50 cents, or complete 5 offers and get $1, So actually if you calculated the earning that you get per offer you will realize that BankRollBucks actually pays higher than RewardingWays or SendEarnings or CashCreate

Join Now:

Global Action Cash

This gpt site is actually the highest paying gpt site I had ever used. It paid twice for most of the same offer with other top GPT site. But you some of the offer the above GPT site pay higher. The only thing to consider is that it take 7 days to process the cashout.
The minimum cashout is $2.50

Join Now:

the reason I like this website because they paid out very high for each offer, for example the credit card signup offer paid at $50, while the other GPT paid for only $20-$30.
Also, their cash email or paid to read email is the highest, at 15cent each.
The only bad thing about the GPT site is that you need at least $50 to cash out.



All of these site has $5 signup bonus. But it take at $20-$30-$50 to cash out.


Free Money at FusionCash!

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