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THE GREAT GATSBY by F. Scott Fitzgerald - Plot Summary

THE GREAT GATSBY by F. Scott Fitzgerald - Plot Summary

The Great Gatsby is the story about a rich man name Jay Gatsby but the story was told by Nick Carraway. Nick Carraway lives on Long Island and works in Manhattan. Nick Carraway lives near Gatsby mansion. Gatsby love Daisy Buchanan, Nick’s cousin and the wife of one Tom Buchanan. Buchanan has a kept woman, Myrtle, the wife of a long island mechanic. Gatsby and Daisy had once been in love, but Daisy married Tom while Gatsby was in Europe during the Great War.  Then, Jay Gatz change identity, and become Jay Gatsby and got rich with the help of notorious criminal Meyer Wolfsheim.  Gatsby chose the site of his house in Long Island because it was across the bay from Daisy’s house, from which a green light could be seen at night. Nick manages to get Gatsby and Daisy together, and while the meeting is awkward at first, Gatsby soon relaxes and invites Nick and Daisy back to his mansion.  Gatsby and Daisy begin to see each other secretly with some frequency.  Buchanan found out about the affair and confronts Gatsby in Manhattan about the affair, and the two argue about whom Daisy loves. Daisy said she loves both of them, but she decides to return to Long Island with Gatsby.  Daisy drives Gatsby’s car, but she accidentally kills Buchanan’s girlfriend Myrtle on the side of the road, and then speeds off. Myrtle’s husband blames Buchanan for the death, but Buchanan informs him that it was Gatsby’s car that killed the woman. So, Myrtle’s husband goes to Gatsby’s house and shoots Gatsby and then himself. Daisy refuses to confess to her crime, and only a few people show up for Gatsby’s funeral.


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