Tuesday, October 25, 2011

International Festival 2011 at University of Kentucky

Last Saturday, October 1st 2011, I went to International Festival at the Engineering courtyards at  University of Kentucky. It was very cold. There are about 250 people there. There are many international students there. At first, I thought more people will come. But not much Chinese student and African student come to the International Festival; maybe they are busy. The event is pretty good. They have free food and free t-shirt. However, the plates are so small; most of people have to go through the line 3 or four times. Also, there are no place to sit and eat; most of people have to stand and eat at the same time, which is very hard; and it is very cold. They don't have any soda or pop or carbonated water; they only have water and lemonade.  The good thing about going to the International Festival is that I get to meet many international students. I think I will attend this event or a similar event in the future because I got nothing to do and meeting new people is good. And I always go to international students event.
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