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In the world there are much theism and world view, some of the world view believe that God exist but some of the atheism world view doesn’t believe that there is God. These world views are the fundamental ways of seeing the whole of existence.


One of the world views is Islam. The Muslim believes in Unitarian theism. The Muslim believes that God exist and they believe that God has revealed his will through prophets. But the Muslim reject the Christian doctrine of the trinity and deity of Jesus Christ they the Bible and instead affirm other source of that revelation. And they don’t believe that Jesus is God they think that Jesus is just a prophet.


Another worldview is the secular humanism. The secular humanism believes in science they also believe that the supernatural does not exist and there is no God. The Secular Humanist theology is based on the denial of God and other supernatural. Secular Humanism, can be defined as a religious worldview based on atheism, naturalism, evolution, and ethical relativism. And there is no afterlife.


Cosmic Humanism is in a sense both a new and an old worldview. Although the movement originated in the latter part of the twentieth century, it incorporates beliefs and perspectives that are centuries if not millennia old. The cosmic humanist believe that the universe and all it contains is divine, and especially that all human beings have an element of deity. And they believe that all life and spirit is evolving toward a state of greater unity and power. But their philosophy is wrong because everything supernatural is an oxymoron and can not be supernatural without the nature.


Marxism-Leninism is a world view that believes that there is no God, nor any supernatural power. The philosophies of Marxism contain an epistemology, a cosmology and ontology and the answer to the mind-body problem. But from Marxist point of view all such change is transitory and each new synthesis becomes a new thesis in the never-ending process of dialectical materialism.


One of the world views is post modernism. The post modernisms are the anti-worldview worldview. They believe that everything is subjective truth and there is no absolute truth. Postmodern philosophy is skeptical or nihilistic toward many of the values and assumptions of philosophy that derive from modernity, such as humanity having an essence which distinguishes humans from animals, or the assumption that one form of government is demonstrably better than another. Problem with the post modernism philosophy is that if nothing is truth then their philosophy is not truth too. And this view is nihilistic in that if followed to its conclusion, nothing can be known or communicated, and with deconstruction you can lose or change history to the extent that you lose a part of who you are.


Christianity is not always regarded as a worldview, and in fact many who consider them Christians do not actually hold to the Christian worldview. However, Christianity does make claims about nearly every aspect of life, including theology, ethics, psychology, politics, life origins, and history. Taken as a whole, then, Christian doctrine constitutes a worldview. It should be noted, however, that most adherents to the Christian worldview see Christianity not primarily as an intellectual view, but as the condition that reflects a right relationship with God. And Christian is the world view that is truth and have no problem like the other world view. Because everything is wrong accept Christianity.
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