Wednesday, July 13, 2011


What is Babylon?

Babylon is a computer online/offline dictionary and translation software, as well as an information source utility program. The developer of this software is Babylon Ltd., a public company, that was established in 1997.


When a user clicks on text with the right mouse button or combination of the right mouse and another key, the Babylon window appears with a translation and definition of the clicked word. It is a tool used for translation and currency conversion, as well as for obtaining other contextual information. Babylon has a patented OCR technology and a single-click activation that works in any Microsoft Windows program, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Internet Explorer and Adobe Reader. When activated, Babylon opens a small popup window that displays the translation.
Babylon provides full text, full Web page and full document translation in 33 languages and supports integration with Microsoft Office. Babylon enables the translation of Microsoft Word documents, PDF files and plain text files. It offers results from a database of over 1,600 sources in 75 languages

How to get Babylon?

You can download Babylon by clicking here.

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