Monday, June 6, 2011


There are many hobbies or activities I like to do in my free time. One of the top activities I like to do is to go protest and join the demonstration. As a child growing up in Bangkok, my house was located in the area of many important government offices. Walking to school, I would see the protest demonstration and around my house. Sometime, on the way, I stop and listen to what they’re saying. Later, I started to join different demonstration from time to time. Sometime, I went join the protest to listen to what they’re talking about. Many times, I went to join the demonstration because they gave out free foods, t-shirt, flags, signs, etc. Also, being at the demonstration gives me the advantage to see the bigger picture. Being at the riot sites myself makes me learn that many news report show the viewer only one side of the story. I also go to take pictures and act like a new reporter. When I heard that things got out of control and the protester start to riot I would grab the camera and go take pictures. Many times, I send the photos and video clips I took to the T.V. station. Many weekends, I would go to protest with churches at the abortion clinic or some time join marches. Then before I know it I start to enjoy going to see the demonstration. Then I start to go join the protests, marches, union strikes, and demonstrations every week. Now, every time I have the chance to go to demonstrates I would go. I now realize that I spend a great portion of my time listening to people opinion and speak out my opinion and I enjoyed doing this.
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